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Top AI-driven project management tools for 2024! With AI project management tools revolutionizing various domains, project management is no exception. Each tool discussed here integrates AI to streamline project workflows, from tasks and subtasks to deadlines and more. Notably, risk prediction and automated prioritization are key features across the board.

This is not a ranked list; all mentioned tools are equally commendable. Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents:

Features of the Best AI Project Management Tools:

  • AI and Intelligence: Tools should possess functional AI to automate, analyze, and enhance overall usage.
  • Task Management: Varied modes (Kanban boards, Todo lists, Gantt Charts, Calendars, Mind maps), subtasks, and status trackers enrich this feature.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Seamless collaboration with chat, file-sharing, and editing capabilities.
  • User-Interface: User-friendly UI with minimal learning curve.
  • Customization: Control over tasks, labels, timers, and more.
  • Advanced Features: Setting dependencies, milestones, and generating project reports.
  • Pricing: Consider features over being too conservative.
  • Third-party Integrations: Easy integration with other tools.
  • Cross-platform Support: Accessibility across various devices.

The Top 4 AI Project Management Tools in 2024:

1. ClickUp:

  • Website: ClickUp
  • Key Features:
    • Free forever plan
    • AI-generated subtasks, comment-thread summaries
    • 15 task view options
    • Advanced collaboration and team features
    • If/then workflows
    • Browser-based with optional apps for various platforms
    • 1000+ integrations
    ClickUp stands out for its feature-rich AI, capable of automatic subtask generation and predictive project insights. With an intuitive UI, diverse project views, and extensive collaboration features, it excels in overall project management.

2. Taskade:

  • Website: Taskade
  • Key Features:
    • Maximum AI features
    • Comprehensive task management
    • Impressive file storage and collaboration
    • Pre-designed templates
    • 7 Project views
    • Cross-device and browser support
    • White labeling
    • Free forever plan
    Taskade, known for its “AI-powered productivity,” excels in AI-driven workflow generation. Offering AI Agents and seamless integration with various devices, it provides a robust project management experience.

3. Process Street:

  • Website: Process Street
  • Key Features:

    • AI-generated workflows, tasks, roles
    • Impressive task assignment
    • Conditional logic
    • Encrypted data in transit and at rest
    • White labeling
    • No forever free plan; pricing starts at $100.00/month

    Process Street, with “AI Powered Precision,” utilizes ChatGPT for comprehensive workflow generation. The tool stands out with its guided UI, conditional logic, and secure data handling.

4. Wrike:

  • Website: Wrike
  • Key Features:

    • AI-powered content generation, threat prediction
    • Kanban, Gantt, and diverse boards
    • Impressive dashboard and project overview
    • Conditional logic
    • Third-party integrations
    • Available on Windows, Android, and iOS
    • Free forever plan

    Wrike impresses with its modern UI, AI-driven content generation, and smart task suggestions. Offering various project views and automation features, it caters to a seamless project management experience.


  • Which is the best AI in project management?
  • In my opinion, Taskade or ClickUp are top contenders based on features, experience, and pricing.
  • Is there a free AI project management tool?
  • Yes, most listed AI project management tools offer free forever plans.
  • Will AI replace project managers?
  • While inevitable in the distant future, AI currently aids project managers, making their roles more manageable.

Conclusion: Best AI Project Management Tools

These tools, each with unique features, provide a robust AI-driven project management experience. Whether you opt for Taskade, ClickUp, or others, these top choices offer distinct advantages. Select the one that aligns with your project needs and elevate your project management endeavors.

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