Best AI Image Generators: A Simplified Guide for 2024



In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, image generation has emerged as a fascinating application. AI image generators use text prompts to produce images instantly, catering to various needs from professional design work to casual experimentation. While OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 gained early prominence, numerous alternatives have since entered the market, each offering unique features and capabilities. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the top AI image generators of 2024, providing insights into their functionalities, strengths, and suitability for different user requirements. Here is the Summary table:

AI Image Generator Comparison

AI Image Generator Comparison

AI Image Generator Pros Cons
Image Creator from Microsoft Designer – Powered by DALL-E 3 for high-quality results.
– Quick and convenient access via Copilot, browser, and mobile platforms.
– Free to use.
– Requires a Microsoft account.
– Still in the preview stage.
DALL-E 2 by OpenAI – Fast and accurate image generation.
– Not copyrighted.
– Detailed input options.
– Confusing credits system for new users.
– No dedicated mobile app.
ImageFX by Google – Easy-to-use interface.
– High-quality results.
– Expressive chip feature for prompt refinement.
– Requires a Google account.
– Some users may find the guardrails limiting.
DreamStudio by Stability AI – Accepts specific instructions for customization.
– Open-source and customizable.
– Offers various customization options.
– Requires paid credits for access.
– Account creation necessary.
Dream by WOMBO – Mobile app availability.
– Multiple design styles and templates.
– Allows remixing of images.
– Limited free access.
– Subscription required for full features.
Craiyon – Free and unlimited prompts.
– Simple and straightforward interface.
– Longer wait times.
– Inconsistent image quality.
Midjourney – Very high-quality image outputs.
– Engaging Discord community.
– Monthly subscription cost.
– User interface may be confusing.
Generative AI by Getty Images – Commercially safe image generation.
– Compensation for contributors.
– Pricing undisclosed.
– Less vivid outputs compared to competitors.

Image Generator from Microsoft Designer

  • Powered by DALL-E 3, Image Creator from Microsoft Designer stands out as the best overall AI image generator.
  • Quick, convenient, and accessible via Copilot, browser, and mobile platforms.
  • Offers high-quality image outputs for free, making it an attractive option for a wide range of users.
  • Ideal for tasks ranging from branding and social media content creation to party planning.
  • Despite being in the preview stage, it delivers impressive results, making it a top choice for many.

DALL-E 2 by OpenAI

  • Recognized as the original AI image generator, DALL-E 2 continues to be a formidable contender.
  • Known for its speed, accuracy, and ability to produce detailed depictions based on user prompts.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface and quick generation of four images per credit.
  • Credits system may pose a hurdle for new users, but it remains a popular choice for those seeking originality.
  • While surpassed by newer models in some aspects, it remains a reliable option for generating high-quality images.

ImageFX by Google

  • Positioned as the best AI image generator for beginners, ImageFX from Google impresses with its ease of use and expressive features.
  • Offers high-quality renditions and various style suggestions to enhance user experience.
  • Notable for its “expressive chips” feature, facilitating prompt refinement and exploration of different image styles.
  • Despite entering the market later than competitors, ImageFX has quickly gained traction for its performance and versatility.
  • Ideal for novice users looking to experiment with AI-generated images without complex interfaces.

DreamStudio by Stability AI

  • Distinguished as the best AI image generator for customization, DreamStudio offers extensive options for tailoring image outputs.
  • Utilizes Stable Diffusion technology in a user-friendly UI, catering to users with varying technical skills.
  • Allows for specific instructions and offers multiple customization entries, including image ratios and negative prompts.
  • While requiring paid credits for access, DreamStudio’s customization capabilities justify the investment for many users.
  • Offers flexibility and control over image generation, making it suitable for precise design requirements.

Dream by WOMBO

  • Positioned as the best AI image generator for mobile users, Dream by WOMBO combines accessibility with versatility.
  • Available as a mobile app and desktop version, offering multiple design styles and templates.
  • Allows users to remix their images and choose from various design styles, catering to diverse preferences.
  • While a subscription is required for full access, the free version offers limited functionality for casual users.
  • Boasts high ratings and accolades from app stores, highlighting its popularity among mobile users.


  • Marketed as the best no-frills AI image generator, Craiyon offers simplicity and unlimited access for users.
  • Despite lacking advanced features, Craiyon’s straightforward interface makes it suitable for experimentation.
  • Offers unlimited prompts and a user-friendly design, appealing to users seeking a hassle-free experience.
  • While image quality may vary, Craiyon’s unlimited prompts allow users to refine their inputs until satisfactory results are achieved.
  • Ideal for users seeking a basic AI image generator without complex features or subscription requirements.

AI image generator by Midjourney

  • Recognized for delivering the highest-quality photos, Midjourney stands out as a premium AI image generator.
  • Boasts crystal-clear image outputs and a dedicated Discord community for sharing and collaboration.
  • While requiring a monthly subscription, Midjourney’s output quality justifies the cost for professional users.
  • Offers a range of features for creating art across various styles and genres, appealing to diverse artistic preferences.
  • Despite usability challenges, Midjourney remains a top choice for users prioritizing image quality and community engagement.

Generative AI Image Generator by Getty Images

  • Tailored for businesses, Generative AI by Getty Images offers commercially safe image generation with content sourced exclusively from Getty Images’ library.
  • Ensures contributor compensation and indemnification for commercial use, addressing copyright concerns for businesses.
  • While pricing details are undisclosed, the platform caters to businesses seeking personalized stock photos without legal risks.
  • Boasts reliable and usable stock images, albeit with less vivid outputs compared to some competitors.
  • Ideal for businesses requiring legally compliant stock images for marketing and promotional activities.


AI image generators have revolutionized the creative process, offering users unparalleled convenience and flexibility in generating visual content. From the pioneering DALL-E 2 to the user-friendly Image Creator from Microsoft Designer, each AI image generator offers distinct advantages tailored to diverse user needs. Whether for professional design work, artistic experimentation, or business applications, there’s an AI image generator to suit every requirement. As the field continues to evolve, users can expect further advancements and innovations, opening up new possibilities for creative expression and visual communication. Don’t forget to check out our blog on best ai project management tools here.

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